Presentation Success Plan

What goes on in your head and your body when you are asked to give a presentation? You will learn how to create a winning mindset.

Do your knees get wobbly, your mind goes blank and you would rather be doing ANYTHING rather than pick up the telephone receiver or speak to someone face to face?

Let’s dissect the problem.

What could be the cause?

1. Belief in your product.
Do you truly believe the product will do what your marketing says that it will do? Even go a step deeper and examine if you know what your marketing presents as facts about the product. Maybe you are very new to the business and do not have extensive knowledge of your own. If so, what convinced you to join the business? Always tell the truth but feel free to admit exactly what sold you on joining the business. If it sold you, it may be the trigger to assist them in making a decision. If you are new, admit it. At least in my experience, there is always someone who has more time, experience and knowledge available to answer questions. If not, then there is a web site or a recorded call which contains more information. Admitting you are new and don’t know all of the answers yet gives them confidence that they will be fine when they are new to the business.

Knowledge is not knowing all of the answers but knowing where to find the answers. Keep a sheet beside the phone with the web site address, recorded phone call number and the phone numbers or email addresses of your mentors. (Calling them mentors is fine. Referring to them as grizzled veterans is not an ideal image. As a lady, referring to them as “old timers” is not on the desirable list either.) Wait to do a 3 way call after they have reviewed the information and indicated a high degree of interest. Mentors are awesome about assisting new team members; they are even more anxious to assist you when you respect their time as well.

Attend product calls, read product information, and become a product of the product. This will increase your belief in the product.

2. Belief in yourself.
This represents the major hurdle for people starting out in their first business. Go get a large yellow pad of paper and start writing EVERY success you have ever experienced in your life. Include everything from getting your parents to agree to a request of yours to going out with someone special to getting your kids to agree to do what you wanted. Each and every one of these are presentations. A presentation is a conversation with someone where you presented a point of view and they agreed.

Succeed once and you can do it again. Succeed several times and you are on a positive track. Everyone has numerous successes in their life. Recapture that feeling of success and bring the positive feeling to the call with you.

You believed in yourself and your potential to succeed or you would not have joined a business in the first place. Recapture that excitement and belief in yourself.

Tony Robbins said, “Everything you need is already in you.” Collect some positive affirmations and post them in front of you. Repeat them aloud before you pick up the phone.

If you are still hesitating, allow your mentor’s belief in you to serve as the belief factor until you can bolster your own belief.

Celebrate every victory.

3. Belief in the company.
You must have believed in the company and the opportunity or you would never have paid the entrance fee to join. This is one of the key factors why allowing someone to start for free does not work. Start for free and it is far too easy to give up at the slightest bump in the road. The more investment you have in your success, the more determination you will expend in your behalf.

Listen to company calls, do some research on the company and confirm your belief that you are in the right place at the right time.

When you have belief in the product, the company and yourself, it will be easier to pick up the phone and easier to speak to those you meet.

4. You are now past the trembling and heavy lifting of picking up the 400# phone. Now that is as easy as picking up the phone to call a friend. That’s easy right? The person on the other end is simply a new friend you have not met yet. You already know they like you because they entered their information in your web site. They already like you.

What do you say when they answer the phone? What do you say to a friend? Remember they requested that you provide information to them. All you have to do is determine how you can help them the most. People are generally looking for more money, more time or more freedom. Most companies provide training calls and or scripts to assist you. Don’t read it, have a natural conversation. You would not need a script to ask a friend how they are doing and how you can help. Same situation, different person.

5. Remember they contacted you. You are speaking to them to determine how you can help them.

If you feel a few butterflies, just remember that you genuinely care about helping them. You are responding to their request. You are helping them clarify the problem to be solved and them offering the best solution you have to solve their problem.

1. You believe in the product
2. You believe in yourself
3. You believe in the company
4. You are responding to their request.
5. You are helping them clarify their problem and solve it.

There are 5 simple steps to creating a winning mindset.