Creative Present Ideas

Do you want to give somebody a present that’s a bit different?

Whatever the occasion, be it a birthday, an anniversary, a thank you gift or a housewarming gift you can give a present with a bit of flare.

Here is a list of creative present ideas for you to give to someone special:-

Homemade Cupcakes

Everyone loves home baked goodies and cupcakes are very fashionable. You can make all types of flavours from strawberry, chocolate, and blueberry, to lemon meringue, banana split and raspberry ripple. To be creative go with an unusual flavour, buy cases with an abstract design and once you have iced the cupcakes add crystallised flowers for that extra special twist of creativity. These cupcakes are perfect whatever the occasion.

Gift Baskets

No matter what your recipient’s interest is, or whatever the occasion, you can create your own gift basket. For a thank you gift basket you can add a candle, a box of chocolates, a bottle of wine, a luxury hand cream or soap, anything you know your friend will like. For a book lover you can add a new novel, a bookmark, a bookstore voucher and a collection of tea or coffee. You don’t have to be artistic to make a beautiful gift basket, just fill it with items you know your recipient loves and you instantly have a creative gift to give.


If you have creative hands then you should try to make a handmade handbag or purse. There are lots of patterns available online or at your local craft shop and the beauty of this is you get to personalise it with fabrics and colours your friend loves. Alternatively you can buy a handmade bag or purse that has been beautifully crafted to give the wow factor.

Stained Glass Gifts

Whatever your budget is you can create your own stained glass present. A candleholder, a sun catcher, a window decoration or picture, you decide what you would like to make. Again if you aren’t gifted with creativity then there are many companies specialising in stained glass present for you to give as an unusual and creative gift.

Embroidered Pillows

To give a creative present, make your own pillow. The possibilities for patterns and designs are endless. You can embroider a poem or message on the front or sew a beautiful design lined with sequences and colourful threads. Have a relative help you if you aren’t skilled at sewing or visit your local gift shop for a handmade pillow that gives a personal touch to your present.

Family Tree

For a relative you can create them their own Family Tree. It can be a hanging tree, a mounted tree or computer generated. Have their family give you pictures of themselves and ask them to write a short message to the recipient to add to their family tree. Not only is this a creative present, it is very kind and thoughtful of you to have gone to the trouble of involving their family and making it unique.

Whatever you decide to give, rest assured that it will be greatly appreciated as everyone loves to receive a unique, unusual and creative present.